Loco Fleet Calendar 37509 & 408
Loco Fleet Calendar 37509 & 408
Loco Fleet Calendar 47851
Loco Fleet Calendar Class 50s
Loco Fleet Calendar 73202

Welcome to Loco Fleet Shop, We pride ourselves on providing quality items to the public and industry.  We offer some excellent products including the Loco Fleet list book which is now in its ninth year, rail calendars, high quality A4 printed pictures, coasters, fridge magnets, mugs, travel mugs and other rail related merchandise.  All of these items now come with Free UK delivery please go to the Fleet Shop for more details.  

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"It’s great to have everything in one volume from the 1940's to the present day that someone is prepared to put together. Checking all the renumberings must be a nightmare. Thanks again for the publication, DC"
"Just wanted to drop you an email about this book, It is fantastic! I have recently got back into trains after a 15 year absence and was only saying to a friend that it would be great if there was a book that included everything that had been built so i could record all i had seen. It fits the bill perfectly. Keep up the good work! SB"
"Thanks for sending the book. I will find this most useful. It is very handy to have access to all this information in one form. Thanks and Best Regards Tony"
"Book arrived today many thanks. A great idea for a book as all I could find in the past was a current book with no old stock for keeping a record of my photographs. Best Regards Adrian"  
"Thank you very much for the swift sending of the loco fleet list 2009. I am impressed with the neat and compact information within. All the very best in the future. Yours sincerely SK"      

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