Loco Fleet List Ten Cover

Loco Fleet List TEN

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Welcome to the tenth edition of Loco Fleet List.

This publication gives a reference to all the Diesel & Electric Locomotives which have operated on Britain’s railways from the early experimental era right up until the present day.

This 185 page tenth anniversary edition has undergone a complete rewrite to include scrappage dates, locations and allocations of all preserved and operational locomotives now in a perfect bound book.

The information has been put together to give an easy reference to the numbering and official naming of each locomotive and includes all withdrawn, preserved and currently operating locos in TOPS classification order.

This will prove to be very useful when identifying locos which have undergone considerable modifications resulting in numerous changes to the original series of allocated numbers.


  1. Diesel Locomotives
  2. DC Electric & Electro-Diesel Locomotives
  3. AC Electric & Bi-Mode Locomotives
  4. Euro Tunnel Locomotives
  5. Unclassified Locomotives
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